Vote Yes on 4BOn November 8, Denver metro voters will have a chance to continue support for our vibrant cultural offerings by renewing the 7-county Scientific & Cultural Facilities District (SCFD). It’s NOT A NEW TAX, but extends a modest 0.1% sales tax in support of our region’s acclaimed and diverse scientific and cultural organizations.

The SCFD ensures culture is accessible to all – allowing the people and families of our region exposure to life-enriching experiences that contribute immensely to our quality of life and help make us the envy of the nation. Attendance at scientific and cultural organizations has climbed to 14.6 million visitors annually—a 95% increase since the district began in 1988—and citizens have access to twice the number of organizations. Our community enjoys a variety of world-class entertainment and educational programs thanks to the SCFD.

Top 5 Reasons to renew the SCFD:

  1. It’s Not a New Tax: A YES vote simply extends the modest 0.1% sales tax in support of our region’s vibrant cultural community through 2030. You won’t notice a difference—unless it goes away!
  2. Makes Culture Accessible to All: SCFD funding supports more than 100 Free Days each year and allows twice as many people to participate in cultural events for free or a reduced price as those who pay full admission.
  3. Provides Educational Experiences for Children: Through SCFD support, 4.25 million students are treated to exciting educational and cultural experiences annually.
  4. Small Investment, Big Payoff: The 1¢ on $10 sales tax yields an outstanding return on investment, generating $1.85 billion in annual economic activity, creating 10,205 jobs in the community and spurring $520 million annually in tourism.
  5. Supports World-Class Programs: The dedicated funding provides stability so that our arts, science and cultural organizations can better survive economic ups and downs while protecting our cultural investments.

Vote YES ON 4B this November!

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Scientific and Cultural Facilities DistrictThe SCFD, or Scientific and Cultural Facilities District, is a voter-approved tax district that distributes revenue from a one penny on $10 retail sales tax to 300+ scientific and cultural organizations in the seven-county metro area: Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Broomfield, Denver, Douglas and Jefferson Counties. SCFD was adopted by voters in these counties in 1988, and was reauthorized in 1994 and 2004.

According to Colorado Revised Statutes, the purpose of SCFD is to “provide for the enlightenment and entertainment of the public through the production, preservation, exhibition, advancement or preservation of art, music, theatre, dance, zoology, botany, natural history or cultural history.” Citizen support of SCFD has provided wider access to arts and science collections and programs throughout the seven-county region. Millions have taken advantage of free access at regional museums and cultural organizations in SCFD’s 25-year history. Thanks to SCFD, metro Denver is host to world-class exhibits, performances, events and opportunities.

Some of the benefits of SCFD:

  • SCFD serves our schools: Kids in every school district in the seven-county region are served by SCFD-funded organizations, including performances, tours and outreach programs.
  • SCFD gives citizens access: More than 1 million citizens each year benefit from FREE admission to cultural facilities and programs thanks to our support of SCFD.
  • SCFD improves our economy: We all benefit from nearly $1.76 BILLION in economic activity and 9,300 jobs generated by this sector of metro Denver’s economy.

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