Our Sponsors

We’re grateful to all our sponsors!


All the organizations that sponsor us are an essential part of the Orchestra’s support network. The Arapahoe Philharmonic is grateful for their contributions over the years and strives to honor their commitment every season through great performances and an array of community commitments and outreach.

Please in turn support these wonderful organizations that have sponsored the Arapahoe Philharmonic!

About the SCFD: Culture for All


SCFD is the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District, a tax collected and distributed to nearly 300 cultural organizations in our seven-county Denver metro region. Culture creates vibrancy for us individually and collectively. It gives our kids a unique perspective and understanding of the world. It inspires all of us to get off the couch, discover the radical and the beautiful, and stretches our capacity to be transformed.

Through our diverse, local culture, we come together, we come to new ideas, we come to our senses. Beginning with taxpayers and with the expert shepherding of the SCFD, our collective mission is simple:

We fund culture.

All are welcome. Inclusion, equity and diversity are critical values in the mission of SCFD. This funding makes culture in our community available and affordable to all children and adults. You may have noticed that ticket prices at our cultural venues are more affordable than at similar institutions in other states. SCFD reduces the operating expenses of the organizations it supports and allows them to offer lower-cost pricing. There are more than 100 free days offered across the spectrum of cultural organizations each year. Awe and wonder are not only available, but accessible to all.

Engaging the cubs. School children receive significant benefits from the funding of SCFD. On average, students in the seven-county metro area receive eight distinct culture and science-related experiences each year. These enriching educational experiences extend through all 19 school districts across the region. Field trips are more wonderful, thanks to SCFD.

Protection for the future. Through SCFD, priceless collections of animals, art, plants, natural history and historical sites are being preserved for our children and future generations. Cultural experiences plant a seed within our children that ultimately impacts their growth into higher achieving students and well-rounded adults. SCFD is a tax that provides instant enjoyment, but also builds equity in the character of our people, the quality of life in our community, and invaluable assets for our future.


Life is more colorful with SCFD!

Learn more at www.scfd.org