School Music Assemblies

Small groups of AP musicians visit schools and community centers to present concerts that will educate, entertain and teach children and youth about classical music and orchestral instruments. Some of the programs we currently offer and are preparing to implement include:

The unPhiltered Trio
Our principal clarinet, oboe and bassoon players introduce the orchestra?s reed instruments through two unique programs:

  • French music with compositions by Ibert, Auric, Tansman and Milhaud.
  • Popular Music Discoveries: Explore the musical world through popular music of the last 40 years. Discover the wonderful sounds of a woodwind trio through the works of popular icons such as Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Leonard Cohen, and even Disney! This program is suitable for children of every age and can be combined with a lesson on music/musical instruments or presented as a recital. The music from this program can also be combined with music from the classical repertoire for a longer, more diverse concert or presentation.

String Quartet
Violin, viola and cello players speak about the differences between their instruments and sample a variety of musical styles, including classical, jazz, bluegrass, movie themes and popular music from artists like Katy Perry.

Brass Ensemble
Introduce your students to the brass instrument family! Players will talk about and demonstrate each instrument and perform a variety of engaging repertoire.

Carnival of the Animals
A new program starting in 2019 offers a chamber music version of Camille Saint-Saëns’ beloved Carnival of the Animals. Eleven musicians, led by our conductor, will perform these humorous musical depictions of animals. The goal of these music assemblies is to get children and youth excited about learning to play an instrument and give them a greater appreciation of the classical music genre.

If you are interested in hosting a music assembly at your school or community center, please contact our office, at 303-781-1892 or