The Orchestra

Meet Our Orchestra:

Tracy LaGuardia, Concertmaster
Laura Johnson, Principal Second
Anthony Elias, Assistant Principal
Kathrine Anderson
David Cher
Susan Day
Ellen Elias
Dennis Ferrigno
Debby Funk
Edward Goldson
Mary Alyce Groman
Haley Heer
Claudia Herzog
David Higgins
Jean Inaba
Lubia Montenegro
Wendy Montenegro
Adelaide Naughton
Kristiana Nelson
Min Park
Julia Parrotta
Laura Lee
Chelsea Peele
Kristine Pordesimo
Lisa Schoch
Doris Springfield, Honorary Member
Jaimie Stevens
Thelma Teitelbaum, Member Emeritus
Jennifer Von Stroh
Oressa Wise
Gerhard Wolter

Heidi Snyder, Principal
Joanna Malm, Assistant Principal
Will Abram
Holli Christman
John Leininger
Alison Mayes
David Montgomery
Millie Patterson
Lori Reisig
Amy Rosevear
Gail Sindelar

James Todd, Principal
Cynthia Norman, Assistant Principal
Jess Allen
Erin Christensen
Lisa Fugit
Elizabeth Jesmer
Andrea Meyers
Barbara Risner
Erin Rowland
Cherie Swisher
William Todd

Thomas Herlin, Principal
Brock Chambers
Erik Sabbeth
David Shugert
Thomas Virtue
Ben Greene (on sabbatical 2017–2018)

Evelyn Rutenberg, Principal
Fangming Shang (interim)

Kassandra Lopez (interim)

Virginia Limbird, Principal
Dawn McGonagle
Zachary Smith
Heather Merrill

Dawn McGonagle

Jason Richard Olney, Principal
Elsbeth Williams

Trudy Forsyth

Daniel Nester, Principal
Ellen Higgerson

Teresa Harvey, Principal
Jill Richardson
John Larson
Julie Haas
Bill Hamaker
Madeline Levinson

Anthony Zator, Principal
Peter Davis
Bob Alexander

Kiel B. Lauer, Principal
Eric Brandhorst
David Ernst

Alan Harvey, Principal

Shel Stanfill, Principal

Shel Stanfill, Principal
Brian Kriss
Brian LaGuardia
Nancy Williams

Hillary Schefter, Principal

Karen Laine

Assistant to the Music Director
Brian LaGuardia

Meet Brian LaGuardia

Brian LaGuardiaBrian LaGuardia has enjoyed a varied and prolific musical career. He has had the privilege of conducting professional recording sessions at Capitol Records, Warner Brothers Studios, Sonic Fuel Studios, The Bridge and the John Williams Scoring Stage. As a lover of classical music, he has also conducted several orchestras, including the Arapahoe Philharmonic and the Boulder Symphony. He has been mentored by such talent as Alan Silvestri (Back to the Future, The Avengers), Bruce Broughton (Silverado, The Rescuers Down Under), Christopher Young (Spider Man 3, Hellraiser), Garry Schyman (Bioshock, Shadow of Mordor), conductors Robert Olson, Devin Patrick Hughes, Vincent C. LaGuardia, Jr. and Juilliard-trained pianist Jamie Shaak.



After being selected as one of 20 international students for the prestigious Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television Graduate program at the University of Southern California, he worked extensively in Hollywood on high-profile projects such as Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, Marvel’s Agent Carter and The Boss. In addition to continuing to write for and assist Hollywood creatives, Brian is currently a conducting fellow for the Arapahoe Philharmonic and serves as conductor for the Civic Youth Orchestra. He lives and breathes to create, share and teach music.